Recommended restaurants in the Faroes Islands


Fermented & Traditional Restaurant. The location is authentic tucked between turf-roofed houses in the historical part of Tórshavn. Ræst serves traditional Faroese dishes – the type you’d find on family dinner tables across the country. On the menu is fermented cod, fermented lamb intestines and fermented colon on sauerkraut, mustard and croutons. Delicious.


Widely regarded as the best restaurant in the Faroe Islands, KOKS offers the complete fine dining experience. Focusing on innovative traditional Faroese food, KOKS gives its guests the chance to taste the Faroes and its seasons through local produce. The young avant-gardes at KOKS use Faroese produce, both coarse and fine, ancient and modern, always keeping an eye on sustainability, leaving the hills that bring forth the good fruit to flourish. Rather than chasing the novel for its own sake, every effort is put into exploring the ancient practices – drying, fermenting, salting and smoking. KOKS follows the seasons and what they bring forth, transforming ancient culinary tradition into modern delicacies. Simple and pure, fresh and traditional. In 2015, KOKS won the Nordic Prize for best restaurant in the Nordic countries.

Barbara Fish House

Barbara Fish House, located in a cute house cut into the rocks, has a fantastic tasting menu, consisting of locally-caught Faroese seafood such as horse mussels and smoked salmon, fresh scallops and Bouillabaisse poured from a teapot. If you want to try Faroese seafood, Barbara is the place to go.


The Faroese phrase “heimablídni” translates directly as “home hospitality”, and across the islands you can enjoy authentic and intimate dining experiences in people’s homes. In addition to being served traditional homemade Faroese food, you will also hear interesting stories that relate to that part of the country or village. These underground restaurants offer you the opportunity to sample new food, often dissimilar to the food usually served in restaurants, in personal environments that give you a proper taste of Faroese culture. Sometimes a perfect stranger is the best dinner host.

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