The Faroes Islands

Adrift in the whirling rhythmic North Atlantic Sea, a different world lingers. A place like no other on earth. An idyllic escape, peacefully set among lush green valleys, imposing basalt cliffs, grand treeless moorlands and waterfalls plunging directly into the wind whipped ocean. Unfathomable beauty, mysteriously tucked away like a figment of a child’s imagination.

If you don’t know where the Faroe Islands are, that’s OK. To be honest, it’s not all that strange, considering the total land mass of the 17 islands that make up the Faroe Islands is about 6,500 times smaller than the USA, and their population 28,000 times smaller than China’s. Although small and remote, the Faroe Islands are packed with unique and authentic adventures for every kind of visitor.

Since 1948, the Faroe Islands have been a self-governing nation under the external sovereignty of the Kingdom of Denmark. The islands’ population of nearly 50,000 is spread out across the 17 inhibited islands. Considering the size of the population, the Faroese music life is of a surprisingly high quality with numerous festivals and events throughout the year. Furthermore, the islands received top marks for its preservation of nature, historic architecture and national pride.

The 17 inhabited islands are connected by excellent infrastructure linked together by a comprehensive road network tunnels and ferry connections. This, along with first class telecommunications and high-speed internet, provides a superb base for maintaining the economic, social and cultural sustainability of communities all around the country.

Quick facts

GreenlandPopulation: 49.469 (2013)
Capital: Thorshavn
Currency: Færøske kroner, Danske kroner

The Faroe Islands:






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