Recommended restaurants in Greenland


Mamartut offers delicious, home-cooked meals inspired by local ingredients – including muskox, reindeer, lamb, whale from the ocean around Disko Bay and shrimps from the local fish factory. The restaurant is decorated with local handicrafts and works of art and can accommodate about 40 guests. There is outdoor seating on the restaurant terrace in the summer. Here guests can also enjoy the wonderful view of the Ice fjord. The home-made welcome drink made from local berries is a popular favourite.

Restaurant Ulo

Greenlandic staples like halibut and muskox get an imaginative twist at this fusion restaurant in Hotel Arctic. The chefs’ love of local ingredients shines through in flourishes like angelica butter and bread seasoned with ice fjord water. Beyond the white tablecloths, Greenlandic barbecues are served on the terrace on Saturdays during summer, with superb views over the ice-filled bay.


Sarfalik offers an innovative restaurant experience which combines the best of the Greenlandic and the global kitchen. The restaurant is located at Hotel Hans Egede and offers some of the well-known and most of the innovative. Overall, all menus adapted to the season. “A new meal invention contribute more to mankind happiness than the discovery of a new star”. With this quote from the restaurant webpage, you must visit the restaurant.

A Hereford Beefstouw

A Hereford Beefstouw in Nuuk is located on the 5th floor of Hotel Hans Egede and offers one of most beautiful views in the city over the fiord, the Akia plain and Nuuk city. The interior design of the restaurant is characterized by the best of Danish Design. Furthermore, the walls are decorated with the paintings by the artist Peter Carlsen. A Hereford Beefstouw in Nuuk is truly the place where food and art form a synthesis – and where you have time to enjoy the beautiful view!

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