Go on an adventure in Greenland

Sailing Cruises

Sailing is an essential part of the Greenlandic culture, as the sea route is simply your only way to get from A to B in most areas during summer. The incredible nature of Greenland makes these sailing cruises an unforgettable experience. While you sail around giant icebergs, you have time to enjoy the scenic views of beautiful fjords and bays. And with a bit of luck, you will be accompanied by whales on your sailing trip.

Dog sledding

Dog sledding in Greenland is the most traditional way of transportation during the winter. Besides being a means of transportation, it is also great fun. February to April is the perfect time to try out dog sledding in Greenland. During summer, dog sledding is limited to Lyngmark glacier on Disko Island. Dog sledding can be perfectly combined with northern lights watching. From November to mid-March, chances are very high that you will be able to observe the spectacular Northern Lights dancing in the sky.

Whale watching

On a whale watching tour you are likely to spot Humpback whales, Fin whales, and Minke whales. But even rarer species can be seen in Greenland like Beluga whales and Nar whales, and for part of the year also Blue whales and Orcas. Seeing whales in Greenland and hearing the breathtaking sound of them exhaling at the water’s surface is something you will never forget.

Skiing in East Greenland

In the heart of the deep fjords of the Arctic East Greenland, surrounded by steep granite mountains, a small village called Kuummiut lies buried in snow. This Inuit hunter’s village of 350 inhabitants finds itself at the edge of one of the most impressive mountain ranges one can find on the planet. This is the ideal place to discover the still existing Inuit hunters culture at the same time as one enjoys the finest alpine touring skiing one could possibly dream about. During the trip you will discover the edge of the great “Switzerland“-massif by staying a couple of nights in the Tasiilaq mountain hut. This trip is a discovery on alpine touring skis of these magnificent mountains as well as of the great people that have survived for thousands of years in this hostile environment.

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