Greenland is the world’s largest Island. It is also the country with the lowest population density and one of the smallest capitals in the world. It is a rugged, mountainous, contrasting land with the enormous Greenland Ice Sheet at its center and adventurous, welcoming people at its core.

Greenland combine a magnificent scenery, amazing clarity of light and raw power of nature. Dogsledding, snowmobiling, hiking and kayaking are just some of the many outdoor activities that Greenland offer to its visitors. One of the most spectacular experiences is an overnight stay on the Ice Cap. Sleeping in a tent far out on the ice cap and you will have a great chance to watch the incredible Northern Lights.

Greenland’s west coast consists of dozens of photogenic little villages of colourfully painted wooden cottages, plus a few small towns as well as the capital, Nuuk Town. In the south there’s an appealing sprinkling of emerald-lawned sheep farms.

Greenlanders are warm and friendly and their national character is rooted in a history of living in extreme conditions. Culturally, Greenland has a lot to offer: a vivacious art scene, interesting gastronomy, exiting music, fashion, architecture and much more. The vibrant and dynamic culture is developing in line with and with respect for traditions and beliefs, leaving clear traces in the culture of today in all areas.

Quick facts

GreenlandPopulation: 56.483 (2013)
Capital: Nuuk
Size: 2.166.000 km²